The Audio- Visual Hall of the school can accommodate around 200 students who can learn lessons which require audio & visual input. The air-conditioned AV Hall with comfortable seating arrangement is used for holding conferences, seminars and orientation programs for students as well as for teachers, whereby interaction & deliberations on varied topics is carried out effectively.


In order to excel, many conferences on issues relating to education, student well being, performance, traceability, faculty growth etc. take place in the air-conditioned conference Hall.


Students get all the ICT support in their smart classrooms and are encouraged to perform as digital learners. The latest technology with Interactive Boards and Projectors is extensively used in the classroom to benefit young learners. The modules are aligned with the curriculum in an interactive and engaging way.

Motherland Public School has collaborated with Extramarks for digital classroom content. Extramarks equips schools with special teaching learning aids devised by education experts. State-of-the-art teaching environment allows standardization of delivery and structured learning, thereby reducing confusion and enhancing classroom teaching experience. The content and digital gadget provided by Extramarks is geared towards increasing retention power and helping students acquire lifelong learning thus ensuring performance enhancement.


To enhance practical mathematical skills and be well versed with the concepts we have introduced Math Labs in our school. It stimulates interest in Maths, encourages and assists students to develop the knowledge, competence, enthusiasm thereby removing the fear of the subject.


Mentoring the Scientific and analytical acumen,the purpose of the Science lab is to stimulate interest in Science. To enhance the learning ability and to impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school is well equipped with Physics Lab, Chemistry lab, Biology Lab and Home Science Lab. The students have hands on experience to their learning. The experiments conducted in the labs help them to add to their knowledge.


Computers have become an integral part of our daily lives. The wiz kids today are born because of the exposure to the know- how of the computers. The labs are well equipped with the latest state of the art facilities to enable students to explore the world beyond texts and to meet the challenges of the modern competitive world. There are separate computer labs for Primary, Middle and Senior students well-equipped with High end systems connected through Windows 7 based local area network fully equipped for multimedia applications with all necessary software required for print and multimedia presentations. The labs have special facility for audio-visual editing. Moreover, the computer centre is upgraded from time to time to ensure that the facilities remain at par with the latest.


The Art room gives the budding artists the canvas to make a beginning to the masterpiece they aspire to create one day. They are guided by art teachers to draw, sketch or colour with precision using different mediums.


We have well equipped music rooms where students are taught vocal & instrumental music and this is where future stars are born.


Yoga and Mediation Classes, Gymnastics, Badminton court, Table Tennis, Chess, Kickboxing. Recent addition includes a beautiful AC Cricket Pavilion and a Sports Fitness Centre fully equipped with state of the art facilities to meet the psychological, physiotherapy and sports training needs of the students.


All the school buses carry only the permitted number of students in accordance with the capacity of the bus. A conductor and a maid escort the students to ensure safety and cleanliness. All the buses have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs. All the buses are fitted with speed controllers.


To ensure security and safe learning environment, the school provides effective surveillance and security systems. These act as great deterrent factors, resulting in much better group control and a highly secured environment.


Libraries support learning within the pedagogic goals of the school. The institution has a well stocked, functional library to support the rich curriculum of all the classes. Our library houses a vast collection of books for students to read and develop a passion for reading also inculcating in them critical literacy.


For the convenience of the parents,the school has the uniform, books and stationery counters which are functional during school hours.


Fire extinguishers are installed at various places in the school building. The school conducts Fire Drills to acquaint students and staff with fire safety procedures.


A hygienically monitored canteen is there in the school premises. However, the children are advised to bring their own fresh and hygienically packed lunch.