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Tribute to the Founder

Tribute to the Founder

Sh. S.K. Munjal (14.05.1959-27.02.2009), a conglomerate, legendary figure and a regular pace-maker proved to be a pioneer who sowed the seeds of English Medium Education in " Sugar Bowl City " called Shamli and transformed education in high order characterized by forces of globalization. When very definition of what constitutes Education and Schooling was coming under critical scrutiny , you triggered and accelerated its pace and did revolutionary developments to embark on mission of Improving the quality comprehensively through your creative pursuits and indomitable entrepreneurship . Your intrinsic aim of imparting education in amiable ambiance would be an immortal ideal. Your abilities are appreciated, aptitude acclaimed and desires would be realized & visualized.

You, an embodiment and icon of Ideal Education would be highly sought for. Teaching to you for perfectness was not merely a life work, a profession or an occupation but a struggle and passion. Your roles, dreams, aspirations, achievements, commitments, duty and devotions would be forever acclaimed from M.L.P. pulpit. We, the staff & members of M.L.P. School committee solemnly pledge and will strive to glorify your success and pay you a humble tribute.

May your soul rest in heaven!

Sh. S.K. Munjal