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"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm & adventure. These is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our own eyes open"
- Pt.Nehru

Motherland Public School in the sugar bowl, Shamli is a wonderful world where the students have all the opportunities to bring out their hearts desire may it be in the classroom, in the field ,on the stage ,at exhibitions, at community programmes and many more. The efforts of the school have been comprehensive in preparing our students with the defense mechanism to meet the numerous and formidable challenges in the world outside by building confidence thus making them alert to opportunities.

We now live in an information driven world and the development in technologies has been changing the world scenario. This is also being observed in the field of education and has led to the inception of CBSE. Our management has equipped the school well with all the infrastructural facilities and paraphernalia required there in for its applications.

Just as the school plays a pivotal role in shaping the character and harmonious development of the child, so do the parents. The values the child imbibes from his parents remain in him life long and thus it goes without saying that the role of the community as a whole also cannot be sidelined. The process of knowledge building requires the active support and engagement of the students, teachers & community linking and pulling together as a team.

Much has been done in the past 35 years and still more needs to be done in the years to come .I would like to thank the management, Vice Principal editorial board ,students and parents community for being a major support and the pool of inspiration pertaining to all the school matters.

Strong will power can work miracles . So let us work with devotion, confidence dedication & strong determination

Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Principal (MLPS)


MLPS is a widely reckoned & fully integrated institute of learning. Here we conduct wide range of diverisified activities for intellectual development. MLPS is a highly sought for trajectory today. It has been providing not only the best infrastructure but also the much required guidance that has been helping the students to be winner & worthy to hold covetous positions in this competitive millennium.

With the globalization of technology and liberalization of economy when the country has been facing a great challenge to sustain its growth we at MLPS need to produce stress on quality products who can be self reliant, self dependent & discharge their services to the parents, society & nation at large.

Mr. Dheer Singh
Vice Principal (MLPS)

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